Montana Horse Arena will be offering single horse one hour sessions in monthly, weekly or one-off subscription plans to suit any budget or any rider. Your plan will begin on the date of purchase and will automatically be added to your account when logged in and booking sessions. We have an introductory subscription plan below for you to try. We'd love your feedback! Read our how it works before starting.


First of all, select the plan that you think would work best for you. Please note each plan runs for different lengths and is billed differently (month/weekly/one-off). Please note each plan only offers one hour, single horse sessions. If you'd like to book more than one horse per hour, you will still need to purchase these separately.


If you are purchasing a monthly subscription, please note how many sessions you will get across the entire period you have selected. The 6 month plan gives you 30x 1 hour single horse sessions across the entire 6 months – at a discounted rate of $13/hr. You may book your sessions ahead of time, and use your sessions as frequently as you like, but you will still be billed $65 each month, even if you use your sessions up before your plan ends. Same for the 3 month plan with 12 sessions.

Once purchased, there are no cancellations or refunds, you will be billed monthly until your plan ends. Please select your plan carefully and we look forward to seeing you on the arena!


These casual plans, billed weekly, give you the benefit of cancelling whenever you like, without any fees. However, these are full price arena fees at $15/hr. These casual subscriptions are perfect for the rider who may just need to use the arena once or twice a week occasionally. 


If you selected the once a week casual option, you will only be able to book that one session until you are billed again the following week, at which point it renews and you can book your next session. If you selected the twice a week casual option, you can book your two sessions in advance for the week, but no more until you are billed again the following week. If you would like the flexibility of booking your sessions further ahead of time than this, please select a monthly subscription.


You are able to manage your subscriptions in your members area. This is the Login bar in the top right side of our navigation menu on desktop. We look forward to seeing you on the arena!


Our highest discounted subscription, this bulk one-off plan of 40x 1 hour single horse sessions gives you the opportunity to pay a one-off fee of $440, billed at the time of payment, with no further reoccurring payments. This plan is discounted to a massive $11/hour. Perfect for coaches, clinics or regular riders with a big team of horses wishing to book multiple sessions a day/week, etc.

Once purchased, there are no cancellations or refunds. You cannot transfer this into another name. You will be billed once only, the full amount. Please select your plan carefully and we look forward to seeing you on the arena!


All subscriptions only offer 1 hour, single horse, arena hire sessions. In order to use your subscription, you will need to visit our bookings page, select '1 Horse Bookings', select '1 Hour Arena Hire' and click 'Book Now'. Select your required date and time as usual.


If you are already logged in, once you have entered the time, you will notice that your subscription and the remaining amounts of sessions left are noted in the box to the right of the calendar. It will automatically use your subscription to 'pay' for the booking. Click 'Next' and continue on as usual.


If you are not logged in, please select the 'Already a member? Log in' section underneath the 'Next' button. Login to your account which you purchased your subscription with, and then go ahead and select date and time. Once the time is selected your subscription will appear in the right hand box. Click 'Next' and continue on as usual.


You can log in at any time when you visit our website by clicking the 'Log In' bar at the very top right hand side of our page in the top navigation on desktop. Here you can view your bookings, subscriptions, events and more. 


Our cancellation policy still stands for anyone making a booking with their subscription. You cannot book a session with your subscription then not show up. If you are not able to use your booked session, we require 24hrs notice, in which case you will retain your subscription session.